About Us



                 Fresh is Best, and Fresh is our standard.



It’s true of our coffee and it’s just as true of everything else on our menu. All of our pastries are baked fresh in-house daily.  We provide a delicious assortment to choose from:


     • Scones (We found a great recipe!)

     • Muffins (Beyond the ordinary variety.)

     • Gourmet cinnamon rolls (Just amazing!)

     • Gourmet cookies (Huge selection!)


Not Everyone Has a Sweet Tooth


We really love our pastries, but sometimes you need something a little heartier.  We can handle that too. Cold or hot? We’ve got both!


Breakfast – Lunch – Snack Time


     • Cereal bowls - Koffi’s “loaded” oatmeal and granola blends

     • Hot from the grill - Breakfast bagels and lunch sandwiches

     • Specialty choices – Low calorie, sugar free and gluten free



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