About Us

                 Coffee, coffee and more coffee – at Koffi.




All Koffi coffees are freshly roasted at the Rancho Mirage roasting room.  Freshly brewed organic bold house blend and a mild select are served daily at all three locations.


   • Espresso – Choose from Seattle-Style or Milano-Style espresso


   • Naturally decaffeinated - All of our Decafs are Swiss-Water Processed, a

      natural, rather than chemical process of decaffeination.

   • Iced or frozen – Coffee doesn’t have to be hot.  Our Iced Coffee is an

      organic Single-Origin Peru.  And our Frozen Coffees are some of the best

      ever, including Lite Low Sugar and Soy Options.

   • Whole leaf teas – Freshly brewed? Of course! Tea Lattes, Iced Teas and

      Yerba Mate are customer favorites.

   • Special treats – For those who want to skip the caffeine completely, our

      Fruit Smoothies and Belgian Hot Chocolate are in high demand.


Koffi cafes also feature large supplies of freshly roasted whole bean coffees for home brewing. They make great host gifts for your next dinner invitation.


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